This is our selection of fabrics in stock. 

These ship faster than custom fabric requests. 

These fabrics can quickly be made into a jacket any size New Born-6.

Solid colors in cotton and fleece (not pictured)

are always available and make a great contrast side to any print. 

Please tell us on the order form the fabric that interests you.

(examples: side 1 sushi, side 2 matching blue solid. 

Or side 1 golf on pink, side 2 flannel golf balls) 

If these don’t interest you

we can custom make any jacket you want

(ie kinds of:, foods, sports, animals, holidays)

by custom ordering the fabric or making our own applique. 

Ordering fabric takes longer to fulfill than in stock fabric but at no extra cost to you.

At menacing pickle YOU describe the jacket of your dreams. 

We make your jacket individually in The U.S.A. 

No extra charge for requested fabrics with exception of leather, velvet, and suede

which are based on current market price.

100% cotton and 100% yummy!

I’m sorry, our fabrics are NOT available for resale.

           It is stocked for use in our products


Need help with your dream? contact us at

all items and images appearing on this website are property of menacingpickledesigns™ and may not be used without our permission.

All items are custom made in the U.S.A. 

Fabric content is 100% cotton for flannel and non fleece, fleece is 100% polyester. 

Origin of components are USA and or/imported depending on fabric choice.  

All items are labeled with content, origin and care recommendations.   RN#126027

three stooges!

My finger is there to show

the scale of the images.



Dick and Jane

in blue

Dick and Jane

white letters

Dick and Jane



on yellow



1 left


flannel golf balls

flannel golf on pink

flannel day of the


flannel gamble

flannel ballerina

flannel vegas
poker chips
go carts

dog sayings

horses in snow

flannel cats

dog assortment


choppers on blue

flames on black

flames on pink


ice cream

hot peppers

Breast Cancer Awareness

fashion girls

pigs & cupcakes

flannel li’l pirates

music sheets

flannel multicolor

Denim city wash

veggies on black

American hero fireman

American hero policeman

the dog

the cat

dogs mugshots

pizza pigout

whiskers and tails





big pirates
pirate island

apples and pears




ready for action

dragons purple tones

flames on navy

African print

native diamonds

native stripes


native flowers

liquid flame black

wild horses

cherry on black