Do you outfit your children in only natural or eco-friendly fabrics?  Contact us with your organic dreams such as cotton and bamboo.  Because of the increased cost of these materials these items are priced on a case per case basis.  Contact us for free price quote.  We can offer suggestions for affordably priced items that meet you need. 

Our insulation is Thinsulate™ by 3M.  It is child safe and washable. 

It provides warmth and retains that ability in damp conditions. 

Fleece in another eco-friendly product we enjoy.

In it’s previous life as a packaging material (identified as #1 on the bottom of the products it is recycled from) offers a lightweight, odor resistant way to keep our products cool and dry.  It passes that ability on to clothing. 

We don’t use features we deem unsafe like drawstrings in our hoods or questionable decorative elements. 

Reversible jackets feature a foldover cuff of the contrasting side and no exposed seams which are great for sensory sensitive children. 

Menacing Pickle uses ONLY  YKK™ zippers

which are certified safe of contaminants as is stated by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

We only utilize components that offer a certificate of compliance with the CPSIA limits.  This limits the selection of fabrics offered  but believe safety comes first.  If you have any questions or concerns about the safety or origin of our components please contact us. 

Menacing Pickle is always hand-crafted in the USA.  You are supporting the local economy by ordering with us.

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Chief Pickle


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